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The OEM department specializes designing and manufacturing capacitors. We supply kinds of capacitors. Welcome to OEM services, please tell your demand, and we will feedback in 24 hours. Please contact us:

Resistor Series

MGR. Metal Glazed Resistor





Type Power Rating Tolerance PPM/°C Resistance Range Max Working Voltage Dielectric Withstand Voltage Dimension (mm)
L D H d
MGR 1/4W ±1%
±200 1-33M 500 500V 7.0±1 2.5±0.5 26±2 0.6
1/2W 1-68M 1000 600V 10.5±1 3.9±0.5
1W 1-100M 1500 800V 14.0±1 5.5±0.5 0.8
2W 1-100M 2000 17.0±1 6.6±0.5
3W 1-100M 2500 1000V 18.0±1 7.5±0.5
5W 1-100M 3000 25.0±1 9.5±0.5


Electrical Performance

Test Item Test Method Spec.
Adhesion solderability 235°C±5°C for 2+0.5 sec 95%
Short-time overload 2.5 times of RCWV for 5 sec ∆R« ±(1%R+0.05Ω)
Intermittent overload voltage (1+25)x10:2.5 times rated voltage 1sec on, 25sec off for 1000 cycles ∆R« ±(2%R+0.1Ω)
Load life 70°C at rated voltage for 1000hrs ∆R« ±(5%R+0.1Ω)
Load life in humidity 40°C 90~95% RH 240H ∆R« ±(5%R+0.1Ω)
Accident overload 16 or 25 times at power voltage Non-flammable
Temperature cycling -55°C ~ +155°C for 5 cycles ∆R« ±(1%R+0.05Ω)