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The OEM department specializes designing and manufacturing capacitors. We supply kinds of capacitors. Welcome to OEM services, please tell your demand, and we will feedback in 24 hours. Please contact us:

Resistor Series

FA. Flameproof Acid Metal Film Resistor



Type Power Rating D (mm) W (mm) H (mm)
FA3W-YC1 3W 7.5 7.0 15.0
FA3W-YC2 3W 7.5 7.0 25.5
FA5W-YC1 5W 7.5 7.0 15.0
FA5W-YC2 5W 7.5 7.0 25.5



Type Power Rating Max Working Voltage Max Overload Voltage Max Intermittent Overload Voltage Resistance Range Tolerance
FA3W 3W 500V 600V 750V 1-100K K (±10%); J (±5%)
FA5W 5W 500V 800V 1500V 1-10K K (±10%); J (±5%)



  1. Because of the small size of the resistor, space can be utilized sufficiently.
  2. Plugged terminals have the advantage of stability.
  3. The design of terminals can help the heat from the circuit board dissipate quickly.
  4. For the sake of safety, we use non-flammable paint.
  5. The value of the electric induction is small, therefore it reflects well to high frequency.