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OEM Service
The OEM department specializes designing and manufacturing capacitors. We supply kinds of capacitors. Welcome to OEM services, please tell your demand, and we will feedback in 24 hours. Please contact us:

What we are doing?
Located in Northern Malaysia, Camel Component Sdn Bhd was established in Jun 2004 and is a progressive company in producing and marketing film capacitor and tantalum capacitor. With total investment of RM 2,000,000; operation space of 8,000 square meter and total labor force of 100 persons, it is capable of reaching and servicing customer's specifications and demands.

Our major customers
As per today, our main market has covered to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, England, India, Pakistan, Turkey & Etc. Our customers are manufacturer of Computer monitor, television, telephone, audio, ballast, switching power supply, censored light, air-cond. starter, speaker, surge suppressor, VCD player, fax machine & Etc.

Our Capacitors
  • The dielectric are polyester, polypropylene and polyphenylene sulfide film.
  • Our products are widely used in power tools, communication equipment, display terminal, household appliances, frequency divider for use in specialized sound system, fluorescent lamps, electronic ballast, electronic type electrical energy meter, various direct current and pulse circuits for electronic igniter for use in mover and household appliance.
  • Camel Component is one of the recognized leader in film capacitor design and manufacture. Our innovative capacitor design capability offers the flexibility to meet your most demanding film capacitor requirement. As a vertically integrated capacitor manufacturer, we offer prototype and custom manufacturing, as well as a diverse spectrum of standard product lines ranging from small chip size capacitors to large building blocks.
  • Quick view:
    • Camel plastic film capacitors part number system, click here.
    • Camel tantalum electrolytic capacitors part number system, click here.
    • Camel mica capacitors part number system, click here.

Latest Press

Camel Component is Now Officially ISO 9001:2008 Certified!

On April 21 2015, we are ISO 9001:2008 Registered! Camel Component is pleased to announce that all of its facilities are ISO 9001 certified. Camel Component employs a strict global quality program that is monitored by experienced staff and supported by the most innovative capacitor testing available.

View our ISO:9001 Certificate (PDF 1018.5KB)

Certificate registration number: 53Q16958